To the Boy I Could Have Loved

I tried to play aloof when they told me; almost like I didn’t care. But, for a minute or so, I could barely breathe. Thoughts were no longer thoughts at all. They were… Continue reading


There’s a silent desperation in the depths of our minds; one that cannot go unnoticed. It ponders in forgotten corners and reaches out every now and again, wondering if anyone remembers. It begs… Continue reading

Sincerely Yours

Had I been someone else, we would not have loved. Had I known moments too soon, we would not have met. You held me with your silence, as I found myself captivated in… Continue reading

Enchant You Once Again

Somewhere, deep in the solace of her quiet mind, she could think of you in ways that she had before. She would remember the moments you shared on dimly lit street corners and… Continue reading

To Yearn

Gasping for air, he reaches for his brow and interrupts a drop of sweat already on its chosen course. The pressure and expectations of the sun are beaming down on him as they… Continue reading

Hearts Who Hardly Met

On a park bench, awaiting the refreshing breeze of a Sunday afternoon, are two hearts. They sit in utter silence for a while, finding a strange solace in being there; interchangeably pausing to… Continue reading

A Part of Us

She was the littlest kitten, with the shortest tail and the brightest eyes. Her world was just as small as ours, within the walls of a display case that separated the sidewalk from… Continue reading

Beauty of a Storm

On a worn and tired swing in the middle of an ancient playground, she sits blissfully. Her hair has been loosened by the wind, almost falling out of the ponytail it was shaped… Continue reading

Could We Have Been Friends?

In a past life, perhaps, could we have shared a few, untainted moments? Could we have found each other amidst the loneliness that encompasses each human being? Could we have stopped, said hello… Continue reading

Tell Them We Were Beautiful

Let’s do something unruly. Let’s get lost in our own selves and brush all the expectations of society aside. I’ll pack the bags and you can swing open the door. We’ll tell everyone… Continue reading