We Will Meet

I may have a hard time understanding where you’re coming from and you might have a hard time understanding where I’m going. But somewhere in the middle, darling, we’ll see each other for who we really are. We’ll cross paths at the bend in the road where we least expected to find a fellow traveler. I will slowly walk past you for a few steps too far before I turn around to wonder what you might be. Your hurried steps will begin to wander off into a stroll as you take a glance behind you. Our eyes will find each other and, out of sheer curiosity, our mouths will move.

And just like that – we will meet.


I can read the exhaustion on your face as you do the same in mine. We’ve traveled a long way to get here. As we find a place to rest our weary selves, I wonder about you, without saying one word. Your face is new to me. Your voice – even more. I haven’t come across anyone in a very long time. I have watched shadows in the distance and I have felt plenty of silhouettes brush past me on their way to a place they’ve been before. Not this time. This time is different. This time is a changing one. It’s refreshing and terrifying. It’s comforting and daunting. It’s all I could have hoped it would be and all I have ever been afraid of.

We’ll laugh and hold hands and do all of the things that two strangers might do in a collection of fleeting moments. We’ll share hurt and regret; console each other’s unfamiliar spirits with beautiful words that we never thought we’d be able to say to another person. We’ll find something in each other that we had no idea we were missing within ourselves.

And when the time is right, when the moment is at its most perfect, we will both get up, take one last look at each other and go our separate ways.



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  1. this is beautiful! i bookmarked it so it would be easy to find it on random times i would want to read it again 🙂

  2. Lovely story and beautiful pic:) Thanks for stopping by Homeflair!

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