Sleep well, young prince.

Think only of the glory days, memories in the beaming sun and the gift of heart you shared with those around you. Keep watch over us, mere mortals, as we close our own eyes and imagine your face, your voice, and your never-ending smile. We will spend night upon night dreaming of memories; a touch, a hug, a laugh, a kiss.

Don’t be afraid to shine like you did – we are in need of light now, more than ever before. Smile for us, for our tears and our thoughts have not allowed for such things. Laugh for us, for our souls have been weathered by nights of endless wake.

These lackluster days will continue on as if none has been lost, but we will know. The sky seems darker now, that you’re not around. Sounds that brightened our day now only toss us deeper into the terror that is being without you.

But we will go on imagining, as you taught our hearts to. We will spend sunny afternoons looking up at the sky and wondering if you are smiling back at us. During these long winters, we will hold each other closer than ever before and divulge our deepest feelings to those around us because we know, time is fragile and can be easily lost.

John Lennon

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