Enchant You Once Again

Somewhere, deep in the solace of her quiet mind, she could think of you in ways that she had before. She would remember the moments you shared on dimly lit street corners and reminisce on whispers that still, today, live within secret gardens. The tears have all evaporated now and left no apparent trace outside of her heart. She would hold the beautiful thought of you close to her and sit alone for hours, searching for ways to return to those memories.

She could trick you into wanting her again. She could easily feign a smile each time your paths happen to cross, or brush her hand across your arm while she nonchalantly asks you how you’ve been. You could regret letting her go and consider begging her to come back. She could link arms with every gentleman in the room and make you ache and yearn for her affection; adoration and affection she had so graciously given you not too long ago.

What seemed like endless afternoons of carelessly walking down the windy shoreline will return to your thoughts. Imagining her hair dancing in circles with the wind will enchant you once again. Closing your eyes and encountering her in your warm embrace will overwhelm you. You will encounter loneliness in the most crowded of places and find comfort in far away thoughts.  The passion that, for some time, lingered in the past, will return much more quickly than it had left.


She could trick you into wanting her again – but she won’t.


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